Managing and using Zylum

Logging in
Forgotten your password
How do I sign up?
Why three people?
I can't login?
Someone new in the group
The editing toolbar
Make a website
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Logging in

You should have received an email with your password when you registered for Zylum. Use this password and your email address to login. The login link is always available at the top of the Zylum website.

Forgotten your password

Enter your email address and we will send you a new one. If you don't have access to the email address with which you registered for some reason, get in touch and we'll see if we can help.

How do I sign up?

If someone else in your group has already signed your campaign up to Zylum, you don't need to do that again. You can just ask them for an invitation. They can add you as a contributor or a participant (**link to section below**).

To start a new campaign, click the Register for Zylum on the Zylum front page. Give us your email address, two deputies (optional) and the name of your campaign. You can choose an abbreviated name as your web address if you like. Tell us why you want to use Zylum, and we'll get back to you.

We hate to keep you waiting, but real human beings need to look at all applications to ensure that they are in line with our terms and conditions. In signing up, you agree to abide by our terms.

Why three people?

Too often people leave a campaign group, move away, change their e-mail address or forget their password. If there are at least two remaining people in your group who can use Zylum, the campaign website and email lists will not be abandoned and you should be able to appoint a new owner.

I can’t log in

You log in to Zylum using your email address. If you have recently changed your email address but you remember your Zylum password, try to log in with your old address and contact us about updating your details.

If you have forgotten your password, you can visit the forgotten password page to have a new password sent to you.

If you have changed your e-mail address and forgotten you password, you will need to request a new invitation from the person who set up your Zylum group (the owner). If you are the owner, contact us about updating your details

If your group’s Zylum owner has moved to Mars or joined a travelling circus, you will need to contact us. We can make one of your group's deputies a new owner, if you let us know. If making a deputy your owner doesn’t help we will try to find people involved in your campaign, in the real world. We can then set a new Zylum owner for your group, but this may take some time.

Someone new in the group

There are four main types of user for your pages and services.

  • The owner is the main contact for Zylum. They do the initial set up, and assign people roles. If you are reading this, this is probably you. You can do pretty much everything.
  • Contributors are the people communicating with everybody. They can send newsletters, edit web pages and manage the email list. They can also create and share online documents and take part in the email discussion group.
  • Participants are the people who are actively involved in the group but do not have any control over your public communications (website and e-newsletters). They can create and share online documents, and take part in the email discussion group
  • Supporters are the people who are just signed up for the mailing list. They can't access the online documents or email list, but can look at your website, and will receive all the newsletters you send out.

You can invite participants and contributors from the 'manage group' page. You can use the 'e-newsletter' tool to add email addresses to the supporter list.


The dashboard is the main menu for Zylum, and lets you switch between the different tools.

At any time you can return to the dashboard by clicking on the link in the bar at the top of the page.

The editing toolbar

The editing toolbar

Throughout Zylum, you will see the editing toolbar. You can use this to format text, add images and undo changes to text. It is used while making websites, writing newsletters, and when sharing documents.

It mostly works like any word processor (eg Open Office or Microsoft Word). You can highlight text and user the toolbar to make changes to the highlighted text. You can also press buttons to toggle formatting on and off.

Change the size of your text by choosing a different font style under formats. You are limited to using the fonts and formats designed to work with Zylum. This should help make your web site clear and readable.

The insert menu allows you to add links to websites, images and videos. You can add images that are already on the web. Most images on the internet can be used: just right click on an image and choose copy image location/URL and paste that into the source field. You must have permission to use the image. Videos can be embedded using add video. The web address of the image or video goes into the source field.

The best way to get used to the editing toolbar is to try it out and experiment. You may want to add a test document to your shared documents, so you have somewhere to play around.

Make a website

Your website address is – find the address by clicking on the home icon on the website menu bar.

Screenshot showing where to select images in the website menu. Images selected for the logo and banner will show on every page. Select a different content image for each page or news post.

Make your site public/private

Make your website public when you are ready for others to see it. Until you click this, only you can see the page. Make sure everything is how you want it before you go public. You can always make changes later. You can also return your site to private at any time.

Edit Colour

Choose any colour from the spectrum for your website. Select a colour from the right hand column, and then pick a hue with the square to the left, then click 'choose'. Remember that pale colours can be hard for some people to read.

Add Images

Use this to add images from your computer. You can add a logo and a banner that will show on every page on the website. You can also add content images to news posts and individual webpages here. Images must be smaller than three megabytes in size and in jpeg format. Additional images can be inserted into your content by linking to them using the editing toolbar.

Add a Page

Your website starts off as just two pages: your home page, and a news page. Your home page will display the latest news post below the main text introducing your campaign. The news page will act as a blog, showing all the news posts.

If you want more pages (eg 'about us' or 'contact us') you can add them here, up to a limit of five pages.

You can delete pages by clicking on the 'x' beside the page on the menu. Make sure you really want to delete it as deleted pages cannot be restored.

Add/Remove Email Sign up

If you plan to send out email newsletters to your supporters, you need somewhere for people to sign up. This button will add an email sign up into the footer to your website.

Add Social Media

If you have Facebook and Twitter accounts you can add the addresses here and the links will appear in your website's footer.

Website editing:

The homepage shows an image and text of your choice plus the latest news story. This is taken from the news page, and will change as you add new stories.

To start adding text, simply click on the existing text to edit it and the editing toolbar will appear. You can highlight text and then use the toolbar to make changes, or choose which format you want, and start typing. Don't forget to save your changes.

The news page is your site's blog. You can add new stories here. If you wish to add an image, you can browse for one from your computer or insert the URL address of an image already on the web using the editing toolbar.

To edit a news story, go to the page the story is on, and click in the text to bring up the editing toolbar. You have to go into the individual news post, not the main news page (which has links to all the stories).

Add and delete content images for a post or page under the add images button in the website menu. Your most recent story will also appear on the homepage. You can also insert images from elsewhere on the web using the editing toolbar(**link to section above**).

Whenever you are logged in to your Zylum account, you can edit any web page you are on, simply click on the text you want to edit.

When you are ready for the world to see your website, click make your website public on the website menu bar. Logout or use another browser to see the site as everyone else will see it.


The main box on this page is the email editor. Start by adding a subject line, and then use the text editor below to build the newsletter itself.

Note: try not to navigate away from this page while you are creating and testing your email as you may lose your text. Open another browser tab or window if you need to look at another webpage.

You can format and layout the newsletter using the editing toolbar.

Remember you can use the toolbar to insert images and videos from other websites and embed them in the newsletter. For example, if you want to add your group's logo to the email, right-click the logo on your website to get the URL address and put this in the source box under insert image.

Send yourself a test email to see what it looks like. You may need to come back and make edits to the page.

When you are ready to send to everyone, uncheck the send test email box. Clicking on the send button will now deliver the email to everyone on your supporters list.

Note: Emails sent using this tool will be sent from the email of Zylum group owner until further notice.

Manage your email supporter list

Emails will be added when people sign up to your list from your homepage, after they have confirmed they want to be on the list.

You can also add emails addresses directly in the box below. Make sure you only send to people who have asked to be kept up to date on your campaign.


At the top of this page is a list of all the documents currently shared.

The main editor on the page allows you to create a new document. Click on one of the links in the documents list to access an existing document. Don't forget to save your document when you have finished editing it. As soon as you click save, the list at the top will update.

You can also see previous versions of the same document listed under Revisions, below the editing box. Choose reinstate if you wish to get back an older version of the document.

Manage group - contributors and participants

This is the page you need to use to invite people from your campaign to start working with you on Zylum.

The owner of the site can invite two types of user:

  • Contributors are the people communicating with everybody. They can send newsletters, edit web pages and manage the email list. They can also create and share online documents and take part in the email discussion group.
  • Participants are the people who are actively involved in the group but do not have any control over your public communications (website and e-newsletters). They can create and share online documents, and take part in the email discussion group

Once you have added someone as a contributor or participant they will be sent an email with their password.

Discussion group

Your discussion group email address is Emails sent to this address will be distributed to everyone in the discussion group. Only emails sent from these email addresses will be delivered, the rest will be discarded as spam.